KANN Manufacturing Agricultural Truck Bodies and Trailers

KANN Grain Bodies

Grain Bodies
KANN grain bodies feature all welded construction resulting in a lightweight, high-strength design. KANN bodies boast engineering which has proven itself for the past 30 years. There is no body built like them and no body lasts like them!

KANN Silage Bodies

Silage Bodies
KANN silage bodies are lightweight and easy to unload. Join our ever-growing list of customers who take pride in handing down their KANN Silage Body from one generation to the next!

KANN Hoists

KANN has the welding expertise to provide the most durable, dependable, and best-valued hoist on the market at a competitive price.

KANN Semi Hopper Trailers

Semi Hopper Trailers
KANN semi hopper trailers feature all-welded aluminum construction with single-piece sidewalls resulting in a design which stands up to the test of time. KANN trailers are lightweight to maximize profits for every load hauled.

KANN Pup Trailers

Pup Trailers
KANN pup trailers allow you to make the most of your trip to the elevator. Connect a KANN pup behind your straight truck and you'll be moving loads semi trailer owners will be jealous of.