KANN AdapterĀ®
Patented Commercial Front Loader Attachment

KANN Adapter

With the KANN Adapter attachment, the same front loader can load both front- and rear-load containers interchangeably.

The KANN Adapter allows existing front-load trucks to collect both standard front-load and rear-load containers up to 6 cu. yd. capacities. The flexibility of the KANN Adapter to handle different containers increases the versatility and value of any front loader.

The KANN Adapter is ideal for companies who are growing through acquisitions or are trying to transition away from rear loaders to more efficient front-loader routes and equipment. You can purchase front loader(s) with KANN Adapters and delay the purchase of new front-load containers until a later date, making these transitions more financially feasible.

The KANN Adapter can be installed on KANN Front Loaders as well as most competitor units.